The finest Indian and Nepalese dishes—in the heart of Calpe

Everest Tanddori

 Under the new management of the Gurkha House family 

The Everest people

Here to serve you

In the restaurant


Photo of Ishor
Ishor Gautam, from Khatmandu in Nepal, manges the Everest Tandoori. He has worked for several years in Indian and Nepalese restaurants, most recently running the Gurkha House here in Calpe.


Photo of Smriti
Smriti Gautam, Ishor’s wife, is also from Nepal, and has been working several years alongside her husband in Spain, both as a waiter and a cook.


Photo of Renuks
Renuka is again from Nepal, and from the same extended family that run the restaurant. She has been working for many years as a waiter and behind the bar.

Over to you

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In the kitchen

Shiva Lal

Photo of Shiva Lal
Shiva Lal Sapkota is a Nepalese chef with 18 years’ experience working in India, Germany and Spain, where he has built up a formidable reputation for his cooking.


Photo of Surya
Surya Poudel is a Tandoori chef with 12 years’ experience working in Nepal, Germany and Spain, where he creates dishes with a typical Nepalese flavour.

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